Thursday, March 13, 2008


My Online Cinema
You can request for movies to watch!

Mega - Mega Posts!
There will be many Mega Posts, so don't forget to browse through all of them.

Videos from Youtube
If you wanna download any videos from Youtube, you can request for them in my shoutbox below.
Please give a specific name and duration of the video.
I will find the video and provide a link to you for download
The video can be available in Avi or I pod format.

Star of The Month
You can Choose the Star of The Month by typing the name into the Voting Box Given Alongside
Please vote only once
If you want to change the name, u can type the new star name and write in brackets- 'change to'
eg Vanessa Hudgens (change to)

Final Exams!
My final Exams are starting from the end of this March and i have to study for them, so there will not be any updates till the 4th of April.