Thursday, May 8, 2008

Aly and Aj Megapost

Aly & Aj
Mega Post

"Insomniatic" tracklist:
1. Potential Breakup Song
2. Bullseye
3. Closure
4. Division
5. Like It Or Leave It
6. Like Whoa
7. Insomniatic
8. Silence
9. If I Could Have You Back
10. Blush
11. Flattery
12. I'm Here
13. Chemicals React (Remix)
Download whole album Here (link checked and changed)

Into the Rush

"Into the Rush" [Deluxe Edition] Tracklist:
1. Chemicals React
2. Shine
3. Never Far Behind
4. Rush
5. No One
6. Collapsed (New Verison)
7. Something More (New Version)
8. On The Ride
9. Speak For Myself
10. Out Of The Blue
11. In A Second
12. I Am One Of Them
13. Sticks And Stones
14. Protecting Me
15. Slow Down
16. Do You Believe In Magic
17. Walking On Sunshine
Download Full Album

Single Song Downloads:
Greatest Time Of Year - Download Here
Aly and Aj w/ Miley Cyrus- Rock and Roll all Night - Download
Divison - Download
Chemicals React- Download

Like Whoa (Official Music Video) for Ipod- Download
Rush ( Concert Video) -Download
Collasped (Concert Video)- Download
On The Ride (Concert Video)- Download
No One (Concert Video)- Download
Something More (Acoustic) (Concert) - Download
Sticks and Stones (Concert Video) - Download
Believe In Magic (Concert Video) - Download
Something More (Concert Video)- Download

Full Concert Audio:


Shine(karaoke) - Download

Aly and Aj T.V. Appearences:
America's Got Talent: Download
2007 Kid's Choice Awards Pre-Show: Download
Fox and Friends: Download
MTV Cribs: Download
Punk'd: Download
MTV Hits Playlist: Download
Regis and Kelly 7/4/07: Download
TRL (Backstage Pass Week): Download
The Early Show 7/10/07: Download
ABC Christmas Day Parade Performance (2006): Download