Saturday, November 17, 2007

You Sang to me, good charlotte

I could not get 'you sang to me' individual song, but i got the whole OST of 'Runaway Bride' which has the song in it. you can download the whole album, or wait untill i try to find only the song.
The songs of Runaway Bride are
1.I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For - U2
2. Ready To Run - Dixie Chicks
3. I Love You - Martina McBride
4. Maneater - Daryl Hall and John Oates
5. From My Head To My Heart - Evan and Jaron
6. Blue Eyes Blue - Eric Clatpon
7. And That's What Hurts - Daryl Hall and John Oates
8. Never Saw Blue Like That - Shawn Colvin
9. You Can't Hurry Love - Dixie Chicks
10. You Sang To Me - Marc Anthony
11. You're The Only One For Me - Allure
12. Before I Fall In Love - Coco Lee
13. Where Were You (On Our Wedding Day)? - Billy Joel
14. It Never Entered My Mind - Miles Davis
15. Once In A Lifetime - Kenny Loggins and Human Nature

Download Here (it is a rar file)

I could not find Dance Floor anthem, but i found the whole album of good charlotte- good morning revival
songs are
1. Good Morning Revival 0:56
2. Misery 3:49
3. The River (Feat. M. Shadows And Synyster 3:15Gates)
4. Dance Floor Anthem 4:04
5. Keep Your Hands Off My Girl 3:25
6. Victims Of Love 3:45
7. Where Would We Be Now 3:58
8. Break Apart Her Heart 3:19
9. All Black 4:19
10.Beautiful Place 3:50
11.Something Else 3:19
12.Broken Hearts Parade 3:15
13.March On 3:13
14.Keep Your Hands Off My Girl (Broken Spindles 4:35Remix) (Bonus Track)
15.Face The Strange (Bonus Track) 2:58

Download Full Album of Good Moring Revival Here