Thursday, November 1, 2007

High School Musical Mega Post

Here's the whole album of High School Musical 2 ......... in English

Songs are

01.What Time is it? - HSM2 cast

02.Fabulous - Sharpay and Ryan

03.Work This Out - HSM2 cast
04.You Are The Music In Me
05.I Don't dance - Chad and Ryan
06.You Are The Music In Me - Sharpay and Troy

07.Gotta Go My Own Way - Gabriella and Troy

08.Bet On It - Troy

09.Everyday - Troy and Gabriella

10.All For One - HSM2 cast

HSM2 Videos

All For One Download Here

You Are The Music In Me - Sharpay and Troy Download Here

Fabulous Download Here

Work This Out Download Here

HSM2 Remixes

Bet On It (Radio Rip) Download Here (RCA STA)*

High School Musical The Concert Album (sampler) Download Here (RCA STA)*

What Time Is It (Echos Mix) Download Here (RCA STA)*

HSM Videos

What i've been looking for ( Concert in Chile ) Download Here

What i've been looking for reprise Download here

Bop To The Top Download here


Start Of Something New Karaoke Download Here

Breaking Free Karaoke Download Here

Get'cha Head In The Game (other version) Download Here

What Time is it? Karaoke Download Here (RCA STA)*

You Are the music in me (Sharpay version) Karaoke Download Here (RCA STA)*

We're all in this together Remix Download Here

Official Breaking Free Remix Download Here

* RCA STA means right click and save target as (right click the download here button), or if you wanna listen to it just click it
Enjoy and please give me credit as i took a lot of time and effort to make this mega post

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